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Pioneer Seeds
Syngenta Seeds
Mycogen Seeds
Remington Seeds
Oasis Seed
MG Grass Seed
Premium Ag
Kelley Bean
American Wood Fibers
Marth Wood Shavings
From the Forest
Golden Oval Eggs
Foremost Farms
Marathon Feed Mills
Federal Reserve Bank Detroit
Federal Reserve Bank Kansas City
Federal Reserve Bank L.A.
Federal Reserve Bank Seattle

Automation Superiority

Process Control designed to protect your equipment investment and your product integrity!

Hathaway Controls, Inc. is a Minnesota based company with 25 years of experience in electrical installation; electrical design, automated controls, system integration and U.L. 508A listed industrial control panel design and construction; this also includes flame control panels.

Our experience includes projects throughout the country and overseas involving seed corn, seed soybeans, edible corn, edible beans, sunflowers, alfalfa, and grass seed.  We have worked on conditioning towers, seed dryers and other process systems for Monsanto, Mycogen Seeds, Syngenta, Pioneer, Remington and other smaller seed companies. We have also done work with wood flour, wood pellets, feed mills, switch grass, cash disposal systems and other misc. process systems.

We can design and build the electrical system and process control from start to finish.  We always work with local electrical contractors for the electrical installation; this keeps labor costs lower and insures that the installer will be available for support in the future.

We offer process control using Allen-Bradley and Koyo based PLC systems.  All PLC and man-machine interface programming is done in-house and fully tested onsite during start-up.  We offer 24-hour technical support and install VPN routers with all PLC systems for remote troubleshooting and programming changes.

We also offer Dryer Maintenance and startup support.


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Hathaway Controls, Inc.
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