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Prevent Downtime & Costly Failures During Harvest

We offer a Dryer Maintenance Service which includes:

1. Running all of your dryer bins, checking operation of individual components.
2. Checking wire terminations for heat and torque problems.
3. Cleaning out the enclosures and checking for wear.
4. Verify current program for the PLC (if applicable).
5. Verify fault messaging and update the message list (if applicable).
6. Verify proper messaging and shutdowns for faults.
7. Check flame signal for optimal operation.
8. Document setpoints and settings.
9. Other checks that would be specific to your site.
10. Assist with repairs and adjustments found during the testing.

After the testing we will provide a spreadsheet showing what was tested
and a list of issues and recommendations found during the testing.
We have customers that have found this helpful with scheduling and budgeting.

If this is something you may be interested in, let us know and we can send you a quote.

Hathaway Controls also supplies spare or replacements parts for your dryer.

Here are some of the replacement parts we offer:

  • Maxon Block Valves, Regulators, Pilot Orifices, and Burners
  • ASCO Block Valves, Vent Valves, and Pilot Valves
  • Antunes Air Pressure Switches
  • Honeywell Modutrol and Smartlink Actuators
  • Karl Dungs Block Valves and Gas Pressure Switches
  • Dongan Ignition Transformers
  • Honeywell Flame Safeguards, UV Scanners, and Gas Pressure Switches
  • Eclipse Flame Safeguards and UV Scanners
  • Dwyer Pressure Switches and Gauges
  • Allen Bradley Soft starts, Motor Starters, Drives, and PLC Equipment
  • KOYO PLC Equipment
  • Flame Rods and Spark Igniters
  • Honeywell Limit Switches
  • Sola Hevi Duty Control Transformers
  • Optimate Message Displays
  • Fuji Temperature Controllers
  • Honeywell Temperature Controllers
  • Sensortec Thermocouples
  • Idec Relays and Sockets
  • Fuses and Circuit Breakers
  • Engraved PB Labels
  • Indicator Lights

Hathaway Controls, Inc.
26382 Hogan Ave
Randolph, MN 55065
Phone: 507-263-6750